Give credit when it's due..

Pantang bagi Cik Nana satu jek.
Aku buat tapi ko claim ko buat!
Satu sahaja.

Pernah during my Uni days, my friend copy my assignment (totally copy. So mine and hers are the same).
So, both of us got 5 out of 10 bcoz lecturer can detect the similarity!
Of course sebab ko copy bulat-bulat bodoh!

I put my 100% efforts to do the assignment and being rated half sebab my friend copycat my assignment?
Ko ingat aku nak duduk diam pasrah menangis?
Bodoh la ko sebab cari pasal dengan Cik Nana.

I went straight to my lecturer and told him the truth.
Rupanya my lecturer saja nak test tengok siapa yang berani argue the marks with him, so that he knows who is actually copycat the works!
I called that silly girl as well and ask her what was she 'write' in the recommendation part.
And the girl terkedu-kedu, terkebil-kebil tak tahu jawab???
If u are the one who brainstorm to the assignment, u won't forget the contains right?

Owh, how she copycat from me?
During my uni days, not everybody own a pendrive.
So, she went straight to my room and 'borrow' the pendrive from my drawer.
So that she can copy hers and print at the library.
Tapi dia bukannya print assignment dia, dia print assignment I..

Dia tukar nama jek.
Finally, she got ZERO for the task.
And I got 9 for it!

Sorry, u've got wrong person to mess up with..


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