Bang, jaga diri dan anak elok-elok ya?

Semalam badan Saif panas sikit.
So hubby decided to take leave today so that he can take care of lil Saif.
Owh, I wish I can do so but there's an urgent thing I need to submit by TOMOLO!

Hubby take care of Saif.
Hubby cook.
Hubby wash clothes.
Hubby this and that..
For one day whole!
Thanks cayang!

And dear bucuk Saif, moga cepat sembuh!
I know, u're actually dah sihat pagi tadi tapi I give u the opportunity to mingle around with Papa.
Just two of u!

And hey, Saif ikut Mama datang office tadi.
Leh jumpa aunty Nahar!

Pa, fetch me this night evening k? 
Love u!


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