Tentang POLITIKus..

Disclaimer : Ini adalah trial entry in English Na. Nak try more often and see whether I'm improved or not. Do not hesitate to leave a comment k? Thanks!

I am not into politics.

But living in the peaceful Malaysia which practice democracy, it's impossible for me to sit still and see only.

Here, u have to choose ONE during the election day.

Only ONE.

The One that u trust to 'lead' u.

The One to represent us..

The One who will be a shoulder for us to cry on.

When the time has come, u should be smart.

U read more in order to know better.

Don't rely on what had been served to u.

Go a step forward.

Dig input from other reliable sources.

Nowadays, u may find almost EVERYTHING via internet.

Don’t simply read local newspapers and jump into conclusion that party A is good while B is annoying.

Try to read online news which available and updated more often.

Then only u can see the REAL picture.

What is going on outside there.

By deciding to go through tukar tiub, harakah and suara keadilan everyday does not make u an opposition.

And reading berita harian, the sun and blog saiful bukhari does not ensure u are at government’s side neither.

My advice is do not simply rely on one source.

Ask people.

Read more articles and blogs.

Last but not least,



Pelangi said…
totally agreed with u :)btw, baca dari mana sumber sekali pun, dulu kan akal dari emosi..
CIK NANA said…
betul betul betul..
syg la korang nie..
bijak memilih rupanya!

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