Trial entry in English! :)

I am not in a good mood today!

My hubby needs to attend a team building from 26-28th March, 2010.
That's the second reason my mood swings today!!
It won't be far as he's going to Bangi only..
I don't have the confident to leave alone..
Of course my lil baby will be with me..
It's gonna be only TWO of us, without Papa???
Huhuh, I'm almost crying like a lil baby now...
It has been almost 2 years I don't drive in KL.

I did drive in my hometown (SG Petani, Kedah) but never in KL since I'm getting pregnant for our 1st baby..
Then, how am I going to work??
It is tedious and not practical as I have to send / fetch lil baby from bb sitter's house...
Or, should I just take leave and relax at home for those 3 days?
That's the best option I can think of for the moment!

As I said, that's only the second reason for me being so moody today..
The main reason is :

~owh, let me keep it to myself~

(psst kawan2, I'm trying to blog in English.. so bear wif me k?? and pls drop a comment for any suggestions or etc)
Tq guys!

Are we going to survive a weekend without Papa?


~ SueHarriz ~ said…
WOW..!!! okay je tuh..??? ingatkan xleh Na ni dh tahap terer la..hehe dun worry..leh brush up sket lg tuh! heheheeeee..bravo Na!!! (bgus Na ni, sgt humble n nk ada org tak tahu Bi tp still nk eksyen2.... =p)..kuikuii keep it up babe!
CIK NANA said…
Cikgu Sue : My main concern is I can't speak English well.. Sure tersekat sana-sini! :( Tapi, bila dah slalu blog in English, bleh improve jugak kan? So, keep it up cik nana!! :) tq sue, kalau ayat salah, jangan malu2.. tembak jek Na!

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