Tak keruan angkara MMR vaccination!

My moon demam..

Last 2 weeks on his first birthday, 20.02.2010..
I brought bb Saif for his MMR vaccination.
The paed informed me that bb Saif might have a fever only one week after this injection and swear to God, I think the paed just buat lawak..
Okeh, sila blame me for not doing research on this..

One solid week after his injection (27.02.2010), bb Saif down by fever..
Together with the runny nose, cough & eye irritation!

I brought him to clinic and received the medicine+antibiotic but until today (05/03/2010), bb Saif still not recover yet!
He has to meet the doc dis evening for the follow up & I hope, he'll be OK by dis evening..
Or he'll has to go to speacialist/admitted otherwise!
Owh, not again!!

Ya Allah, sembuhkan anakku Saif Rizq..

Na nak tengok dia happy macam ni back!

The MMR vaccine is a "3-in-1" vaccine that protects against measles, mumps, and rubella -- all of which are potentially serious diseases of childhood. One out of 30 children with measles develops pneumonia. For every 1,000 children who get the disease, one or two will die from it.


The MMR is one of the recommended childhood immunizations. Generally, proof of MMR vaccination is required for school entry.

The first shot is recommended when the child is 12 to 15 months old. The timing of vaccination is important to make sure the child is properly protected. It must not be given too early.

A second MMR is recommended before entering school at 4 - 6 years, but may be given at any time thereafter. Some states require a second MMR at kindergarten entry.

Adults 18 years or older who were born after 1956 should also receive MMR if they are uncertain of their immunization status or if they have only had one MMR prior to school entry.
Adults born during or prior to 1956 are believed to be immune. Many people within that age group had the actual diseases during childhood.

Women of reproductive age who have not received the MMR vaccination in the past or in whom blood tests have shown they are not immune, should receive the MMR vaccine. Women should NOT receive this vaccine if they are pregnant or planning to become pregnant within the next 1 to 3 months.

One MMR will protect most individuals from contracting measles, mumps, or rubella throughout their lives. The second MMR is recommended to cover those individuals who may not have received adequate protection from the first MMR.

Measles is a virus which causes a rash, cough, runny nose, eye irritation, and fever in most people, but can also lead to pneumonia, seizures, brain damage, and death in some cases.

Mumps virus causes fever, headache, and swollen glands, but can also lead to deafness, meningitis, swollen testicles or ovaries, and death in some cases.

Rubella, also known as the German measles, is generally a mild disease, but can cause serious birth defects in the child of a woman who becomes infected while pregnant.

Watch for and be familiar with how to care for a fever, joint pain and stiffness, minor gland swelling and tenderness, or minor redness and soreness at the injection site. If a rash develops without other symptoms, no treatment is necessary, and it should go away within several days.

Most people who receive the MMR will have no associated problems. Others may have minor problems, such as soreness and redness at the injection site or fevers. Serious problems associated with receiving the MMR are rare.

Potential mild to moderate adverse effects include:
Fever (1 in 6 children)

Rash (1 in 20)

Swollen glands (rare)

Seizure (1 in 3,000)

Joint pain/stiffness (1 in 4, usually young women)

Low platelet count/bleeding (1 in 30,000)

Severe adverse effects may include:

Allergic reaction (less than 1 per million)

Long-term seizure, brain damage, or deafness (so rare that the association with the vaccine is questionable)

The MMR vaccine should not be given to people who have:

An allergy to gelatin or the antibiotic neomycin serious enough to require medical treatment

A weakened immune system due to certain cancers, HIV, steroid drugs, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or other immunosuppressant drugs

You should not receive this vaccine if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant within the next 3 months.

People who have received transfusions or other blood products (including gamma globulin) or who have had low platelet counts should discuss the proper timing of MMR vaccine with their health care provider.


~ As ~ said…
1st picture tu, saya ingat lagi my Azam kena MMR & demam, mcm tu jg muka dia saya letak kat blog...ehehehe...cute je dia tidur...
senioritasara said…
saif......get well soon...nurses ckp mmg mmr ni kuat sikit...sabar k!saif...saif kuat kan
CIK NANA said…
As : owh, sedih! :) lama betul saif demam! risau Na!! :(

Sara : Tq dear, u always support us!! And owh, baby saif strong tp Mama dia yg luluh tgk dia demam nie! :(
my darling nana & saif, jgn risau2 ok.. insya Allah saif ok..

na, i dpt petua ni dari my fwen & i think it works!! sbb dah cuba kan..

camni.. instead of jelum2 or tuam2 kepala saif dgn towel basah, na wat camni tau..

1) amik towel basah, letak bawah leher saif.. kat depan ke, belakang ke, letak towel tu.. kepit2 sket so that the heat meresap ke dlm towel.

2) amik another towel basah, kepit2 bawah ketiak saif. both kalau leh.. then make sure saif kepit2 tau towel tu.

3) same thing, kepit2 towel basah kat celah peha or lipatan kaki saif..

heat kan slalu berkumpul kt celah2 lipatan badan kita.. so make sure letak towel basah kt situ.. slalunya me letak towel basah tu kat leher adzryl n ketiak2 dia. sambil2 tu sekali sekala kt kepala dia... trust me, bila heat dah kurang kt leher n badan, kt kepala mesti kurang.. try tau!!! bila towel kering sket, basahkan n buat lagi..

insya Allah, na! saif sayang, get well soon tau! mwahs!!! take care u both.. :)
CIK NANA said…
Anita : betul betul betul.. Na pon slalu letak towel basah kat leher and ketiak Saif.. :) tq for ur advice.. owh, nak teremosi lak! :(
Lina said…
ohmigod. kesiannyer tgk baby saif demam.. huhu. xlama lg aleesya nak amek this vaccination too. i shud be prepared la kan? tq for the info.. and hope for his speedy recovery! u be strong ok, mmg sedih tgk anak sendiri x sihat kan.. huuuhhuuu
CIK NANA said…
Lina : it depends on Aleesya's antibodi. Kalau kuat insya Allah takde apa2.. :) Ok, Mama wil be strong for bb Saif. :)
ezan said…
get well soon baby saif.. sedihnya tgk muka budak ensem ni demam.. xlarat sgt rupanya... :(
:cahya: said…
gute besserung, saif....
Zezzatty said…
alamak...risau plak...rayna pon xlama nak setahun dh..

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