For the past few months, Na berhadapan dengan masalah yang sedikit menjengkelkan di office.. :(
Till I feel wanna give up..
QUIT and BLAH... :(
Sangat sedih sebab tak sangka I have to face such a situation...
Dah cuba fixed the probs tp hasilnya amat mengecewakan... ;(
To bosses out there, u have been assigned to be a leader cum an umbrella to all yr staffs..
Could u pls be FAIR??
Don't just blindly trust or listen from yr blue eye staffs..
Without trying to figure out what is actually happened outside there...
Ahhh, me just sooooo hurt!!
I prefer to be at the safe side before..
But then I realized that it wouldn't work in this situation..
So I changed!
I be more vocal and outspoken.. read:kalau ada yg cuba tabur pasir dlm periuk nasi Na la..
Tapi kenapa ada manusia yang sanggup buat macam tue ek?
I don't mind if U wanna climb high...
But please don't pull others down..
It's so unethical...
And I'm quitting... :(


C!K N@N@ said…
Received feedback(s) @ Q from several frenz + relatives verbally.. (yeah, they don't dare enuff to comment here.. keh, keh).. I wanna EXPLAIN here that Im not quit from my current job.. I just QUIT from the DRAMA... Got what I mean..?? If not, do not hesitate to gimme a call again and ask.. (haha, u should know yrself)... S/b clear now!!!

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