Saturday, July 4, 2015

Melacur vs Melanggan

Rasanya ramai yang dah tahu pasal issue seorang wanita yang terpaksa menjual dan menjaja diri untuk dijamah. Na tulis terpaksa sebab na assume she has her own reason to do that. Manusia yang pegang tali Allah tak akan melakukan perkara terkutuk macam tu. But wanita ini tanpa malu, secara terbuka, memperdagangkan tubuhnya secara online. Ya you read it right. It is online. By a click, you can have a #@$ with her.

Na nampak ada yang menasihati and na yakin ada yang privately pm her to advise her to stop doing this shit. Tapi wanita ini? Bangga sekali dengan tindakannya. Katanya ini hidup aku, kalau masuk neraka, aku yang masuk so jgn kacau hidup aku. Alahai... Sombongnya hamba Allah ini. Semoga Allah bukakan hatinya untuk kembali ke pangkal jalan. Supaya dia pantas bertaubat. Insya allah.

Yang buat Na terkilan, rupanya permintaan untuk khidmat §¥% haram ini sangat tinggi. By scrolling down the comments, Astagfirullah hal azim. Yang namanya muslim, yang profilenya penuh gambar anak dan isteri, yang aktivinya di wall sungguh murni (usai ceramah agama, sokongan terhadap palestin etc) tapi hakikatnya? Ada intention untuk melanggan pelacur? Nauzubillah. Tak ada rasa malu manusia sekarang. Malu dengan Allah.

Bila manusia hilang rasa malu memang porak peranda dunia. Na personally sangat terganggu. Na terfikir kalau benar mereka melanggan.. Pulang ke rumah, gauli isteri pula.. Astagfirullah hal azim tanpa rasa berdosa. Kesian isteri yang setia.

Owh i donno. I seriously disturbed by all these things. I am sad. More sad to those lady yang realised suami mereka terlibat. Kasihan and i don even want to imagine if i were in their shoes.. :( how to react? Maafkan dan proceed as usual? I donno. Ya Allah Kau ringankan beban para isteri yang diduga sebegini. :(

Mungkin ada yang akan bidas, sebab itu lelaki diizinkan untuk menikah 4.

Lousy reason i would say. Kenapa hal itu saja tiba2 semua pun nak ikut sunnah? Kenapa hal2 lain dalam menjaga rumah tangga tak diikut? Kenapa? Why?

Mungkin sebab na wanita yang berakal cuma satu maka na tak boleh hadam kes macam ni. Jijik jijik jijik.

Kalau ada yang kurang dalam perkahwinan, fix it!!! Don find solution outside the marriage. It wont solve the problem. It wont. Neither suami nor isteri is perfect. None. We complement each others. Thats the meaning of marriage. Melengkapi satu sama lain dalam mencari redha Ilahi. Bukannya berharap untuk menjadi penerima dalam perkahwinan. Jangan kerana sudah terlalu lama menerima, kita lupa untuk memberi.

Nasihat na pada yang melacur, kembali ke pangkal jalan. Better late than never. Allah Maha Pengampun.

Nasihat na pada yang melanggan, solat taubat.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Powerful doa from parents

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful

All praises are for Allah SWT, the most Compassionate, the most Forgiving.

Salutations and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad SAW, his family and companions.

Oh Allah, I submit myself to You.

I realise that parenting a child is a very difficult task and I turn to You in humility for Your help.

I implore You for Your wisdom and guidance.

Oh Allah, I know that our children are an amaanat from You, to care for and to raise in a manner that is pleasing to You.

Help me do that in the best way.

Teach me how to love in a way that You would have me love.

Help me where I need to be healed, improved, nurtured, and made whole.

Help me walk in righteousness and integrity so that You may always be pleased with me.

Allow me to be a God-fearing role model with all the communication, teaching, and nurturing skills that I may need.

Oh Allah, You know what our children need. Help and guide us in praying for our children.

Oh Allah, put a hedge of safety around our children. Protect their bodies, minds, and emotions from any kind of evil and harm.

Oh Allah, I pray that You protect them from accidents, diseases, injuries, and any other physical, mental, or emotional afflictions and abuse.

Oh Allah, I pray that You keep our children free from any addictions and vices.

Draw them close to You for protection from every ill and evil influence of our society, whether it’s apparent to us or not.

Oh Allah, grant them the best of company as their friends — people who will inspire them to love and worship and obey You.

Oh Allah, grant our children hidaaya and a heart that loves to obey You.

Shine Your light on any secret or unseen rebellion in their hearts and destroy it before it takes root.

Oh Allah, guide them away from any pride, selfishness, jealousy, hypocrisy, malice, and greed and make them uncomfortable with sins.

Penetrate their hearts with Your love and reverence today and always.

Oh Allah, make apparent to them the truth in any situation and let them not be misled by falsehood.

Oh Allah, grant our children the ability to make clear decisions and let them always be attracted to good things that are pure, noble, true, and just.

Oh Allah, guide them in making choices that please You.

Oh Allah, help them to taste the sweetness of walking with a humble spirit in obedience and submission to You.

Oh Allah, grant them the wisdom to choose their words carefully and bless them with a generous and caring spirit.

Oh Allah, I pray that they never stray from the path of deen and that You give them a future filled with Your best promises.

Oh Allah, always keep our children cleansed and pure from evil and shaytaan.

Oh Allah, keep them steadfast in establishing Salaah and help them revere the Glorious Quran as Your Word and Law and to read it with understanding daily. Let it be their source of light and guidance.

Oh Allah, let our daughters love wearing hijab and our sons the dress of a humble Muslim.

Let their dress be a representation of their Imaan and of their love and respect for Your commands.

Lead them to a position where they rely truly on Your power alone and fear You in the open and in secret.

Oh Allah, make them so strong in their deen that they never encounter doubt.

Oh Allah, do not allow any negative attitudes in the place of our children’s lives.

Oh Allah, guide our children in honouring and obeying You, Your Rasool (peace be upon him), and us as parents (when we are commanding that which is pleasing to You).

Make them the coolness of our eyes.

Oh Allah, fill our children with compassion and caring that will overflow to each member of our family.

Oh Allah, grant them piety.

Oh Allah, help them love, value, appreciate, and respect one another with good communication between them always.

Oh Allah, drive out any division between our children and bring them healing.

I pray there be no strain, breach, misunderstanding, arguing, fighting, or severing of ties.

Oh Allah, allow them to one day marry righteous, God-fearing, kind, hard-working, intelligent, beautiful, healthy spouses who get along with and respect and love (and genuinely enjoy) every member of our family and who lead our children (i.e. their spouses) even closer to You and Jannat ul Firdaus.

Oh Allah, protect my children from debt. Make them givers and not takers.

Oh Allah, grant my children noble professions with halal incomes that give them respect and dignity in Your Eyes and in the eyes of their fellow human beings.

Oh Allah, grant them worldly comfort so that my children can come to You through the Door of Gratitude and so that they are not forced to come to You through the Door of Patience. Please let them always be grateful…and patient.

Oh Allah, I pray for a close, loving, happy and fulfilling relationship with them for all the days of our lives and to be reunited with them in Jannat ul Firdaus. آمِيْن يَارَبَّ الْعَالَمِينْ

Edited by Hina Khan-Mukhtar, who said, “This list of duas was not started by me but I edited it and added a few of my own and am now sharing…feel free to add your own and continue sharing!” Khan-Mukhtar is a mother of three boys and one of the founders of the homeschooling co-operative known as ILM Tree in Lafayette, California, which now serves over 30 homeschooling families in the East Bay. In addition to teaching Language Arts to elementary, middle school, and high school students, she has written articles on parenting and spiritual traditions for children and is involved in interfaith dialogue.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hallo beloved blog

Dah lama tinggal. Sobs.
I just cash out my nuffnang, maybe yang terakhir sebab lama gila tak update blog.
Takde iklan dah.

Takpe la, we cant have everything kan. Lose some, win some.
Cukuplah tu.

By the way, banyak benda yang jadi.
Sepanjang na away dari blogging tu.
Baru anak dua orang dah menggelupur tak cukup masa.

Terkesan jugak dengan pemergian bapak kawan baik na.. Pzah aku harap hang tabah. Insya allah he is in better place now.

Pemergian suami kawan. Looking at my friend's face.. Macam mana shocked dia menghadapi. Allahhuakbar. I don even want to imagine if i were to be in her shoes... :(

I moved to my weekend house . Hehe.

Went to bali after so many years wanna go to Indonesia. Alhamdulillah. It was a great experience. Lps tu for the first year we flew to langkawi.. Only me and hubby. To celebrate our anniversary. ;) i appreciate all the nice things you did to me. Semoga kita kekal tabah. Love eAch others more. Amin.

Come enjoy some picca.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Wishing upon moon

I consistently sending resume to this 'company' for 6 years.
Like seriously enam tahun.
It shows how interested i am towards working with them.

But i am still with the tiger bank.
Meaning to say, belum ada rezeki.
Seeing my friend going there makes me smile.
Rezeki kamu and i know you deserve it.

Keep wishing upon moon nana.
Because if you fail, you might end up fall onto one of the stars...


Missing my parents, deeply..

Makin na berumur. Makin attached to the parents.
Am sooo in love.
Like missing them days and nights.

Hope they are here.. With me.
Bln lps mama eksiden, tersirap darah nana.
Tolonglah pelihara mereka ya allah.
Sebagaimana sempurnanya mereka memelihara ku.

Maaaaa... Pak....
Mai la dok ngan kcik...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Am I up for new challenges?

It has been so long.

Sometimes, too long attach with the same thing ain't good right..

I do not know. Am tired and slowly wanna detach..

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

At the peak

So many things happened at a time.
Personal and also career wise.
I've been thinking of this all the while.
Day n night.
During sunny or rainy day...

I just hope I have the courage.
To do what I THINK is best for me.

I don't know.
With the market volatility, so does my hope...

Can't say much..
But it is happening..

Monday, February 23, 2015

Untuk wanita


Surah An Nisa, surah wanita dikhaskan dalam quran bagi mereka.



Menurut Bukhari, Rasullulah saw melaknat perempuan yang mencukur atau menipiskan bulu kening atau meminta supaya dicukurkan bulu kening.

(HR Abu Daud Fi Fathil Bari)

Dan janganlah mereka (perempuan) membentakkan kaki (atau mengangkatnya) agar diketahui perhiasan yang mereka sembunyikan.

(Surah An-Nur Ayat 31)

Siapa sahaja wanita yang memakai wangi-wangian kemudian melewati suatu kaum supaya mereka itu mencium baunya, maka wanita itu telah dianggap melakukan zina dan tiap-tiap mata ada zinanya terutamanya hidung yang berserombong.

(HR Nasai, Ibn Khuzaimah dan Hibban)

Hendaklah mereka (perempuan) melabuhkan kain tudung hingga menutupi bahagian hadapan dada-dada mereka.

(Surah An-Nur Ayat 31)

Rasulullah saw melaknat perempuan yang mengikir gigi atau meminta supaya dikikirkan giginya.

(HR At-Thabrani)

Dilaknat perempuan yang menjarangkan giginya supaya menjadi cantik, yang merubah ciptaan Allah.

(HR Bukhari dan Muslim)

Dan tinggallah kamu (perempuan) di rumah kamu dan janganlah kamu menampakkan perhiasanmu seperti orang jahilliah yang dahulu.

Asma Binti Abu Bakar r.a telah menemui Rasulullah saw dengan memakai pakaian yang tipis.

Sabda Rasulullah saw: Wahai Asma! Sesungguhnya seorang gadis yang telah berhaid tidak boleh baginya menzahirkan anggota badan kecuali pergelangan tangan dan wajah saja.

(HR Muslim dan Bukhari)

Sesungguhnya kepala yang ditusuk dengan besi itu lebih baik daripada menyentuh kaum yang bukan sejenis yang tidak halal baginya.

(HR At Tabrani dan Baihaqi)

Dan katakanlah kepada perempuan mukmin hendaklah mereka menundukkan sebahagian dari pemandangannya.

(Surah An Nur Ayat 31)

Sabda Nabi Muhamad SAW,

"Jangan sampai pandangan yang satu mengikuti pandangan lainnya. Kamu hanya boleh pandangan yang pertama sahaja manakala pandangan seterusnya tidak dibenarkan hukumnya haram.

(HR Ahmad, Abu Daud dan Tirmidzi)

Janganlah perempuan-perempuan itu terlalu lunak atau sengaja meliuk lentuk dalam berbicara sehingga berkeinginan orang yang ada perasaan serong dalam hatinya. Tetapi ucapkanlah perkataan-perkataan yang baik.

(Surah Al Ahzab Ayat 32)

Sabda Rasulullah SAW,

"Sesungguhnya akan ada umatku yang minum arak yang mereka namakan dengan yang lain, iaitu kepala mereka dilalaikan oleh bunyi-bunyian (muzik) dan penyanyi perempuan.

Maka Allah akan tenggelamkan mereka itu dalam bumi.

(HR Ibn Majah)

Dan katakanlah kepada perempuan-perempuan mukmin, hendaklah mereka menundukkan pandangan mereka dan menjaga kehormatan mereka.

(Surah An Nur Ayat 31)

Apabila seorang perempuan itu solat lima waktu, puasa di bulan Ramadan, menjaga kehormatannya dan mentaati suaminya, maka masuklah ia ke dalam Syurga daripada pintu-pintu yang ia kehendakinya.

(HR Al Bazzar)

Tiada seorang perempuan pun yang membuka pakaiannya bukan di rumah suaminya, melainkan dia telah membinasakan tabir antaranya dengan Allah.

(HR Tirmidzi, Abu Daud dan Ibn Majah)

Barangsiapa memakai pakaian yang berlebih-lebihan terutama yang menjolok mata, maka Allah akan memberikan pakaian kehinaan di hari akhirat nanti.

(HR Ahmad, Abu Daud, An Nasai dan Ibn Majah)

Wahai anakku Fatimah! Adapun perempuan-perempuan yang akan digantung rambutnya hingga mendidih otaknya dalam Neraka adalah mereka itu di dunia tidak mahu menutup rambutnya daripada dilihat oleh lelaki yang bukan mahramnya.

(HR Bukhari dan Muslim)

Saat memandang kain sempitmu, seluar ketatmu, baju sendatmu, tudung singkatmu, solat dan ibadahmu, aku ingin sekali menegurmu.

Namun, sering saja terkaku. Rasa tak mampu kerana merasa diri bukanlah insan yang terbaik untuk menegur.

Jauh di sudut hati terasa bimbang. Aku bimbang di akhirat kelak kau akan mempersoalkan aku.

"Kenapa kau tak tegur aku dulu? Kau memang sengaja nak aku ke neraka kan? Kau sengaja nak bahagia masuk syurga sendirian kan?"

"Aku kurang ilmu agama. Tapi kau tinggi ilmu agama. Mana ajaran agama kau tu?"

"Kenapa kau tak guna untuk bantu aku? Kau tunggulah di akhirat kelak. Aku akan tarik kau masuk neraka sebab kau tak tegur aku."




Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Don't fix if not broken...

But i personally don't believe it.

If things started to go the way it not supposed to be, do something before get worse.

Tegur sebab sayang. Ada ka manusia yang tak boleh ditegur? Kalau ada then something wrong with her / him.

Na sendiri adalah super sentap. Asal bapak tegur ja na merajuk. Tapi eventually na tahu teguran tu utk my own good. Contoh na lambat bangun pagi, maybe ada parents yang 'KESIAN' nak kejutkan sebab fikirkan anak tu ngantuk. Tapi my parents akan gerak gerak gerak gerak sampai na bangun and solat subuh. Sebab they love me. My parents want me to be an obedient ummah and insya allah boleh bertemu dan bersama di dunia yang lagi satu. Nampak tak tujuan teguran / didikan tu?? Nampak kan?

Pilihan di tangan anda. Kalau dah tak boleh ditegur, sampai bila2 akan buat kesalahan yang sama and takkan sedar kesilapan diri. Tegur sekali, melenting pastu fikir la punca ditegur. Mesti ada sebab. Kalau tak boleh hadam sangat, google. Kan skang zaman moden, dari menghadap fb tak tentu hala baik guna untuk kebaikan.

Jangan nak ego tak tentu hala saying that nape la org ni selalu tegur aku, selalu nampak kesalahan aku.. Geng aku ok ja aku pakai baju jarang mcm ni.. Sibuk ja orang tu nak tegur. Kubur lain2 kot.

Jangan sekali kali sombong dengan Allah. Dengan ajaran Dia. Sebab tujuan kita hidup adalah untuk kumpul 'harta' untuk dunia yang satu lagi.


Back to basic.

Hidup ni kena patuh dekat siapa? Lepas tu siapa dan siapa pulak selepas tu?

Betul ke apa aku buat ni??


Tak guna duit berjuta kalau tak berkat.

Monday, February 2, 2015

8 hari 7 malam di hospital kerana denggi

Hari khamis malam 22 jan 2015 mula rasa sengal badan and seram sejuk. Thot of exhausted and so relax ja.

23 jan 2015 lps asar rasa lemah balik. Still ingatkan letih badan so lps balik keja, tidur awal. Bdn mula panas dan kaki tgn lenguh.

Pagi sabtu 24 jan 2015, suddenly lembik terus. Mulut pahit sepahitnya. Tgn kaki kebas. Badan mencucuk bisa. Panas. Demam. Niat di hati nak stock up barang dapur tapi sempat pegi breakfast ja. Tak selera makan and tal boleh berdiri lama. Nak pitam. Balik rumah terus terbaring. Minum air masak banyak and stI ill terbaring. Takde tenaga sbb tak selera makan. Hubby bancuh milo, sesudu saja masuk mulut. Makan panadol..

Esoknya, 25 jan 2015. Sama. Lembik. Menggigil demam. Tak boleh tahan, petang trus pegi klinik. Doc suspect denggi sbb demam tinggi with no other symptoms i.e. Flu, cough. Pastu sakit badan and tekak pahit. Amik darah, platelet normal but kepekatan darah X normal.. And doc pretty sure i am positive denggi. Trus doc bg refer letter.

Day 1 (25 jan 2015 ahad)
Terus gerak le columbia asia hospital puchong. Nearest to home. Again, amik darah and confirmed positive denggi. Doc suggest admitted sbb lack of fluid dalam badan hence justified the readings of kepekatan darah earlier. Sakit sangat, cant think of anything else i am agreed to be admitted. Dapat double bedded room. Hubby x teman, jaga anak kat umah. Kena drip and amik darah tiga kali sehari. Lebam sana sini. Mana yang salah cucuk. Mana yang cucuk tak dapat darah, mana yang x nmpk urat. Hoih boleh mengamuk hoi.

Day 2-5 (26 to 29 jan 2015)
Eh mcm lamanya admitted.. Platelet terus menjunam turun. Darah makin pekat padahal on drip. Pening and almost stiap malam demam tinggi. Menggigil. Sakit badan tak terkira. Kena tukar tiub drip sbb dah lebih 3 hari. And doc suggest pasang temporary line so senang amik darah. Memandangkan nurse ckp ssh nak cari urat etc. Pakar bius yang buat. Kiri kanan pasang line. Satu utk drip, satu lagi utk amik darah. Sakit. Tapi pasrah, actually tak la pasrah sgt. Cek nangeh masa cucuk byk kali tak jumpa urat. Sakit.ok sakit! :( owh yang menambah sakit bila na kena bengkak susu. Sakitnya... Rasa mcm masa dlm pantang. Cant remember where i keep the breastpump so.decided to borrow Kena charge rm 30 sehari, x kisah la. Janji x bengkak.

Day 6 (30 jan 2015)
My birthday. Never in my life i imagine myself celebrating bday in ward. Never!! Tapi tahun 2015 nampaknya full of suprise. Na meraikan hari lahir ke 32 di hospital. Masa ni all the positive aura has slowly faded away. Lama sgt kot dok terperuk kat hospital. Platelet turun like nobody business. Ada bleeding sikit. Doc said kalau turun bwh 20, to icu u go babe. Tak kelakar ok!!!! Rasa nak nanges. Masa ni kaki tgn bengkak kebas yang teramat. Owh ya, na minum air daun betik. Tapi tu la, lambat sikit kesan dia. Masih demam malam. Pening nak pitam sokmo. Na minum air byk2. Air masak, doc x bg.minum hundred plus. So ok, minum.

Day 7 (31 jan 2015)
Platelet masih turun. Lowest was 21. Doc dah mula pelik. Dia track my oral intake and alhamdulillah doc ok dengan disiplin na and off my drip. Yaahhooooo. Ptg tu platelet suddenly increase to 60. Alhamdulillah.. No more fever. Pening still. Doc said kalau platelet naik lg next.blood test dia bg.balik. Bdebar ja tunggu. Parents arrived from sp. :)

Day 8 (1 feb 2015)
The day. Masuk hospital bulan satu, bulan dua baru discharge. Huhu tak kelakar okeh. Slps 8 hr 7 mlm di wad. Na boleh discharge. Syukur atas semua doa.

Total bil rm6k ++. Fully.covered by etiqa.

Least i know that the after effects are even.worse. Huhu. Lembik lutut, x larat lemah, x selera makan. Sakit rupanya kena denggi ni. Huhu.


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